Mobi-Mat® Traction Mat is an Individual Vehicle Self Recovery Mat (IVSRM) for Ground Mobility Vehicles.

Made from a roll of high-density polyester mesh with a patented non-skid surface, Traction Mat ensures excellent grip of the tires in extreme conditions (Resistant to UV and a temperature range of -40°F (-40°C) to 176°F (+80°C)).

Mobi-Mat® Recpath rollout ADA Beach Access Mat

Easy installation, Lightweight and compact

Easily stored on the hood, roof, or in the cargo compartment of tactical vehicles or conveniently strapped to front, side or rear grills and racks the Mobi-Mat® Traction Mat provides operators a simple tool to free vehicles mired in sand, mud or snow.

A stainless steel eyelet at each end enables the mat to be secured to the ground by means of a stake supplied in the kit.

Curative and Preventive

The Mobi-Mat® Traction Mat can be laid in advance in an area known to be impassable.

The Mobi-Mat® Traction Mat enables an immobilized vehicle to self recover from the situation.