On November 26 2013, the final rule for Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas passed and it will now be mandatory for Federal agencies to utilize the guidelines for any facility that is newly constructed or altered on federal lands! These new requirements make it infinitely easier and more enjoyable for veterans and those with disabilities to navigate the parks! DMS’s Mobi-Mat® RecPath™ technology offers an alternative solution when addressing the Conditional Exception Provisions which exempts entire trail systems from complying due to the terrain or prevailing construction practice!

Mobi-Mat® RecPath™ allows land and project managers to take a fresh look at the possibilities of trail accessibility throughout the sandy American Southwest! Mobi-Mat® RecPath™ technology makes it easier for disabled persons to access the parks that we all love without compromising the integrity of the structures or harming nature.

Utah Arches Park is excited to be expanding the accessibility possibilities across the nations Nation Parks and with the support and creative solutions Mobi-Mat® offers, the future has never looked brighter in accommodating the disabled community!